Correspondences of the Seven Palaces

The Seven Palaces

In my book 'The Genesis Wheel' I frequently reference The Seven Palaces, so I thought it would be useful to write a broad introduction to the subject. The Seven Palaces is a schematic diagram[1] of the heavens and the earth, as understood from the perspective of Cannanite & Israelite peoples of the Ancient Near East.  It also functioned as a chart of the afterlife and the passage of souls through the heavens of Eden and into rebirth.

Each section of it corresponds with verses from Genesis 1-2 which are arranged in an alphabetical sequence.  

There are Seven Palaces and either 14 paths or 19 paths between them, depending on how you count them, since two paths contain multiple letter attributions.  Genesis 3 draws its correspondences from groupings of these paths.

The Seventh Palace at the top of the diagram is the place where it was imagined God sat upon the wings of his cherub throne, and atop the Chariot which carried the Ark of the Testimony.  At the other end, the first palace represents the earth, and in respect of the Temple of Solomon it corresponds to the House of Solomon situated to the south of the Temple.

[1] A schematic, or schematic diagram, represents the elements of a system with abstract, graphic symbols instead of realistic pictures. A schematic focuses more on comprehending and spreading information rather than doing physical operations.

In the Seven Palaces we see the classic motiff of the Solar journey through life and Death. As the ancients saw these things, reincarnating souls entered into an incarnated life through the Palace of the Daleth on the left side of the schematic, while souls of the dead and those who are dreaming exited into the heavens via the Palace of the Daleth on the right hand side.

Dead souls would live in the heavenly Garden of Eden, symbolized by the letter Nun, after exiting from the Palace of the Daleth, but they would have access to the temptation of the light, and the pleasures of mortality.  These were symbolized by the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.   

If the newly deceased does not resist the temptation towards light and life, they travel with the sunlight to earth, and this solar journey is represented by the letter Resh that links the Palace of the Daleth with the Palace of the Heh; from the Door of Incarnation to the Earth

Because of the Seven Palaces, we can appreciate that the creation story of Genesis was built upon an alphabetic framework, and that the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is an extrapolation of it.   By comparing the numerical gates of the Seven Palaces with the gematria of the Creation Story, a very high correlation between gate values of the Seven Palaces and gate values in Genesis 1-2 are shown to be present in the text, suggesting that chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis were composed contemporary to each other, and this evidence debunks the documentary hypothesis.


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