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aiwass minister of hpk
Biblical Gematria: 777
Reversal Cipher: qkxqvv ckzkvlob hTh odi 548
Genesis Order: 212
Transliteration: איואסס מיניסטהר עף הפך
Letter Count: 19
Words and Calculations with the same Biblical Gematria value ...
WordTranslation & MeaningTransliterationStrong's Number
נרגל שראצרMeaning: Nergal-Sharetser, the name of two Babylonians. Usage: Nergal-sharezer.NRGLShRATsR5371
is the Word AbrahadabraFrom: Liber AL vel Legis, Chapter III, 75 (the last line).יס תה וערד אבראהאדאברא0
אחד ראש: אחדותו ראש ייחודותו: תמורתו אחדMeaning: One is His Beginning; one is His Individuality; His Permutation One! - from the first verse of Liber Ararita by Aleister Crowley who explains that Ararita is a notariqon of it.AChD RASh: AChDVThV RASh YYChVDVThV: ThMVRThV AChD0
Ιχθυων + μεγαλων + δικτυον + γην + 153153+Large+Fish+Net+Land. This is from John 21:10-11: 'Jesus told them, 'Bring some of the fish you have just caught.' So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net to land. It was full of large fish, one hundred fifty-three. And although there were so many, the net was not torn.'‎IChThUON MEGALON DIKTUON GHN + 1530
ראשון שני שלישי רביעי חמישי שישי שבתThe days of the WeekRAShVN ShNI ShLIShI RBIOI ChMIShI ShIShI ShBTh0
בחאמדרה + בגהזרסה + בואכדשתצקהGate value of left, middle and right columns of the Seven Palaces. See 260, 282 and 235 for columns individually.BChAMDRH + BGHZRSH + BVAKDShThTsQH0
(אליהו x 2) + (רכב אש וסוסי אש / 2) + אליהו בסערה השמיםFrom 2 Kings 2:9-11: 372 is divided by two because it says the chariot and horses were separated between the two of them. 52 is multiplied by 2 because Elisha requests that Elijah gives a double portion of his spirit and Elijah agrees this should happen when he is taken.(ALIHV x 2) + (RKB ASh VSVSI ASh / 2) + ALIHV BSORH HShMIM0
εγω ειμι α χριστοςMeaning: I am a Christ.EGO EIMI A ChRISTOS0
εκ του ξυλου της ζωης + 1Meaning: of the Tree of Life + 1. The 1 is the One overcoming addressed in Revelations 2:7 that is allowed to eat from the tree.EK TOU XULOU THS ZOHS + 10
I am Nuit - 56 + divide + add + multiply + and understandFrom AL I: 24-25: I am Nuit and my word is six and fifty. Divide add multiply and understand.י אם נויט - נו + דיוידה + אדד + מולטיפלי + אנד ונדהרסטאנד0
a secret name Isis bind nothingAL I:22. The letters ISIS are notariqon of: Infinite Space Infinite Stars.א סהחרהט נאמה יסיס בינד נעתינג0
Aiwass + minister + of + HPKFrom AL I:7: Behold! it is revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat.איואסס + מיניסטהר + עף + הפך0
Love of Nu in the star lit heavenFrom the second part of the verse of II,76 : But remember o chose none to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men to tell them this glad word.לעוה עף נו ין תה סטאר ליט ההאוהן0
Beware + Hold + Raise the Spell - Ra Hoor Khuit + hither homewardFrom AL III:2. See also 222 and 555 for this verse.בהוארה + העלד + ראיסה תה ספהלל - רא העער כהויט + היתהר העמהוארד0
Fire Blood Swords Spears - (Conquer Victorious City - abstruction)From Liber Al III:11. 0
χαος ΒΑΒΑΛΩΝ BAFOMITh θελημαMeaning: Chaos Babalon Baphomet Thelema. These names are recited during the Gnostic Creed ~ which is part of the Gnostic Mass of the Ordo Templi Orientis.ChAOS BABALON באפעמית ThELHMA0
Εγω ειμι יהוה אלהים α α α α ΠαντοκρατωρFrom Revelation 1:8: "I am the alpha and the omega, {the beginning and the end} says Lord God, one being, and one was, and one coming, one almighty." The first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet spell out Ath which means to add, and is probably a clue to use Hebrew for the Holy Name instead of the Greek. This is why I have replaced Κύριος Θεός with YHVH ALHIM. One is referred to 4 times which is why I have added 4 alphas. This is the second instance of John indicating the use of hebrew instead of greek in Revelation. In the previous verse he refers to the eye as a signal to use the letter ayin. See number 310 for that example.EGO EIMI IHVH ALHIM A A A A PANTOKRATOR0
שבט מיהודה ומחקק רגליו שלה יקהת עמיםThis verse is from Genesis 49:10. You first need to divide וּמְחֹקֵ֖ק by 2 as the verse says it is 'between' the feet. Note also that שילה has been corrected to שלה as there should be no letter yod in this word.ShBT MIHVDH VMChQQ RGLIV ShLH IQHTh OMIM0
δουλους + אל יהוה + μετωπωνMeaning 'Servants + God YHVH + Foreheads'. From Revelation 7:3. John uses Hebrew for the names of God instead of Greek.DOULOUS + AL IHVH + METOPON0
stars - night + desert + incense + N + ShFrom Liber AL vel Legis 1:61: 'if under the night stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart, and the Serpent flame therein, thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom'. The serpent has a fixed value of 50 and represents the letter Nun. The flame has a fixed value of 3 and represents the letter Shin. Substraction is suggested of 'night' from 'stars' by the word 'under'. In the Tanakh 'under' also signifies subtraction whilst 'above' indicates addition.סטארס - ניגהט + דהסהרט + ינחהנסה + ן + ש0
אשת בטח גמלתהו דרשה היתה ותקם זממה חגרה טעמה ידיה כפה לא מרבדים נודע סדין עז פיה צופיה קמו רבות שקר יהוה תנוThese words total 777 with the Genesis Order. They are from Proverbs 31:10–31, which have an alphabetic acrostic. I have taken every first word from each verse, as well as including the name of God יהוה in verse 30. It has 86 characters, and 86 is the sum for Elohim. Proverbs 31 declares itself to be the Words of King Lemuel, and the Oracle taught to him by his mother. No other mention is made of this King in the Tanakh, but Jewish legend identifies him as Solomon, taking this advice from his mother Bathsheba.AShTh BTCh GMLThHV DRShH HIThH VThQM ZMMH ChGRH TOMH IDIH KPH LA MRBDIM NVDO SDIN OZ PIH TsVPIH QMV RBVTh ShQR IHVH ThNV0
ראש אמת ולעולם משפט צדקךFrom Psalms 119:160 Meaning: The beginning truth and forever judgements of your rightousness.RASh AMTh VLOVLM MShPT TsDQK0
To stir me or still me! Aum! let it fill me!From the Book of the Law 3:37 with the Reversal Cipher.טע סטיר מה ער סטילל מה אום להט יט פילל מה0
צצצצ + ואורו + הארץ - השמיםFrom Job 37:3. Subtraction from השמים (The Heavens) is suggested by תַּֽחַת and כַּנְפ֥וֹת usually has the value of 90 for the degrees of a square's corner. Here four corners are suggested because the reference is to the ends or corners of the earth.HShMIM - HARTs + VAVRV + TsTsTsTs0
העיר + שמה + בבל + פני הארץ - יהוהFrom Genesis 11:8-9: Meaning: The City + it's name + Babel + Face of the Earth - YHVH.HOIR + ShMH + BBL + PNI HARTs - IHVH0
εν αρχη λογος λογος αλ αλ λογοςFrom John 1:1. using the Reversal Cipher. Here John replaces the value of the Greek word for God: 'Dios', with the Hebrew One: αλ.EN ARChH LOGOS LOGOS AL AL LOGOS0
בראשית יהוה אלהים נפש רוח נשמהMeaning: In the beginning + YHVH Elohim + Nephesh + Ruach + Neshamah.brashith + ihvh alhim + npsh + rvch + nshmh0
שבט מיהודה + (ומחקק / 2) + רגליו שלה יקהת עמיםFrom Genesis 49:10. This sum solves the question first raised by George Lambda over whether the word שלה or שילה was correct. ShBT MIHVDH + (VMChQQ/2) + RGLIV ShLH IQHTh OMIM0
כרבים זהב צ ב צ הכפרתFrom Exodus 25:18 which says "And you shall make two Cherubim of Gold of hammered work you shall make them, from two ends, the mercy seat." Hebrew: 'ועשית שנים כרבים זהב מקשה תעשה אתם משני קצות הכפרת.' The words 'מקשה' and 'קצות' meaning 'of hammered work' and 'ends' are mnemonic words representing the letter tsade with the value of 90.KRBIM ZHB Ts B Ts HKPRTh0

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All about Gematria, the Merkabah and the Birth of the Alephbet from the creator of Shematria.

The problem with so-called ‘old-school’ bible studies.

If you take a degree in Biblical Studies today (especially in the USA, and especially in their Christian colleges) then you’re liable to emerge from your matriculation with a very strange picture of ancient Israel. You’ll be asked to believe that ancient Israel, alone amongst the civilizations of the ancient near east, did not develop their own tradition of mathematics and science...

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What is a cover-cipher?

If you’re new to gematria or you haven’t really looked into it in the last 5 years, you probably believe that most Talmudic authors and Rabbis were using “Standard Gematria.” You would assume that if there were gematria in the bible that it would use Standard Gematria. And you would have good reason to think this. All the greats in Talmudic and Kabbalistic literature appear to have been using this cipher, and nearly all gematria calculators (except for Shematria) will allow you to use this method. It’s not called ‘standard’ for nothing. However you’d only be half right about this because Standard Gematria is a cover-cipher.  So what is a cover-cipher? ...

Scribal Methods?

There are some wild ideas that run around biblical studies these days – ideas that are ungrounded by the principle: "The best exegesis of a text flows from methods actually used by it’s writer."

What is a pseudo-cipher?

Welcome back to my blog on gematria, the merkabah and the birth of the alephbet. Today I’m going to explain to you what a pseudo-cipher is. I’ll be mentioning cover-ciphers too so if you don’t know what those are, it might be best to catch up with my previous blog entry: What is a cover-cipher ...

What is Gematria?

An introduction to the ancient art and practice of Gematria.

Every letter of the alphabet has a number, and thus each word (in Hebrew, Greek or English) has a numerical value, but for a code to qualify as gematria it must have a few other features. It must have words (usually verbs) reserved to indicate addition, subtraction, multiplication or division in the calculation.

I often tell people that “there is no guesswork involved in Gematria”. Just like any mathematician today, the scribes of the Bible expected that their peers would be able to reproduce a sum they had written down and arrive at the exact gematria number the author had intended them to. This is very different to numerology where guesswork is everything. Gematria is so accurate that it can be used to solve textual corruptions in the bible.

The practise of numerology allows a person to explore their own subconscious mind. It is like reading the tarot cards or throwing the I-Ching. Whereas the practise of gematria is concerned with decoding a text (like the Bible) that has been embedded with gematria. The purpose of this embedding was twofold; to conceal key pieces of information from the mysteries so that they could only be understood by initiates, and to pay reverence to God by its composition.

For example, in the garden of Eden story of Genesis 3 we are never told the identity of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that was consumed by Adam and Eve. We can learn this only through gematria (it was ‘light’) and with that key piece of knowledge we come to understand why it was that Adam and Eve had to come to earth once they had taken the light into themselves (because God made the purpose of all light to illuminate the earth).

Biblical gematria starts at the very beginning of the bible. Check the gematria calculator for the number 700 and you will find that all the nouns of 1:1 sum to it:
בראשית + אלהים + השמים + הארץ
220 + 86 + 98 + 296 = 700

The other words in Genesis 1:1 (ברא, את, ואת) are verbs and prepositions that tell you to use addition.This may sound complicated but a lot of gematria is simple addition that anyone can find by adding up the nouns.

One other feature that is part and parcel of biblical gematria is the use of mnemonics. These are words that have been set aside to represent a value other than the word sums to. Usually these words relate to the egyptian pictograms that were the origin of the letters. For instance when you see the word “door” in hebrew you calculate it as 4 (for the letter daleth), or when you see the word “eyes” in hebrew you calculate it as 70 (for the letter ayin).

Biblical Gematria was a secret until 5 years ago. Everyone researching whether the bible had code were testing it with the Standard cipher but this is a cover-cipher that was used by the Rabbis in the Talmud to talk about the gematria of the Bible. Biblical gematria is slightly different from Standard Gematria. The shin is 3 (not 300) and the tav is 4 (not 400). This means there’s two letters with the value of 3 and two letters with the value of 4, and because this is counter-intuitive to most people the cipher remained secret.

There are three ways that the order of the alephbet concerns gematria. Firstly, there is a reduced form of gematria which assigns value to letters based on their position. Our calculator uses the term 'the Genesis Order' for this. Secondly, there is a way of counting the letters that is based on the values assigned in reverse; from the last letter of the alephbet to the first letter. Our calculator uses the term 'the Reversal Cipher' for this. Thirdly, some texts are keyed verse by verse according to alphabetic order. These include the Book of Genesis and various A∴A∴ texts written by Aleister Crowley. This way of arranging a text to the alephbet determines the overall meaning of each verse through correspondence with a cosmological map of the heavens and earth. 

The usual order of the alephbet runs from aleph to tav; 

א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת 
In this arrangement, the letters Shin and Tav are in the last two positions, and this is the traditional and general order that became set around the 12th or 11th century BCE. However, there was also a priestly order for the alephbet that runs from beth to resh, and this arrangement forms the backbone of the Genesis creation story ;  

ב א ג ש ד ת ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר 

Here the usual position of aleph and beth are switched, and the letters shin and tav are brought from the end of the alephbet and positioned behind the gimel and the daleth. The letter shin falls into the same third place position as the gimel in this ordering of the alephbet, and the letter tav falls into the same fourth place position as the daleth. However there is no way of showing this abstraction in a written form, or in an ordered list like Genesis 1-2, so the shin is after the gimel and the tav is after daleth. 

This priestly ordering of the alephbet produces a twenty count. What made this arrangement special was its total value. When we add together the letters according to their order in the alephbet they total to 217, which is 31 x 7: 


It represents the potent force of the divine directed to seven essential domains of creation. 31 was the total of the word אל EL which means ‘God’ and was the numerical foundation of an ancient map of the creation called ‘the Seven Palaces’. Together the sum total of the seven letters on the Palaces is 217  ;  ב + א + א + ר + ד + ד + ה  

It is not known why the ancients of the first Temple cult ordered and numbered their alephbet this way, but the leading theory for it suggests that it was with the intention to prevent non-initiates from saying the Holy Name. The theory being that יהוה is a notariqon of the Name that encompasses all the letters of the alephbet when they are divided on the Palaces into 4 distinct sections (color coded here):

The Seven Palaces of Yetzirah
The Seven Palaces of the World of Yetzirah

Yod for the blue section (220). 
Heh for the yellow section (217). 
Vav for the pink section (480). 
Heh for the green section (93). 

According to Jewish mysticism, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are vehicles of God’s essence and creative power. They are the foundations of Jewish mystical writings and their interpretation. Naturally enough the first Temple cult and (later on) the Sages, and then Early Christians, and then Kabbalists and initiates of the Western Mystery traditions, felt that because these letters were Holy - they should be guarded to prevent misuse from the non-initiated and the profane.  

Yet every code that is made by human beings has a shelf life, whether that is 100 years or 2000 years, and is destined to be revealed by the ingenuity of human beings. Now anyone can access the mysteries of the Bible and other holy writings with Shematria.

About Shematria

The Shematria Gematria Calculator was created by Bethsheba Ashe and is brought to you by the Sanctum Regnum. This gematria calculator uses three ancient Hebrew gematria codes (biblical gematria, the reversal cipher and the genesis order) and each code has been transliterated to Greek, Arabic & English. The hebrew code is embedded in the Tanakh (the Old Testament), and its Greek transliteration is found in the New Testament. The English transliteration of the code was made by Aleister Crowley and can be found in many of the class A documents of the Order of the  A∴A∴

This gematria calculator allows you to subtract as well as add and do simple division and multiplication. It will not count any numbers that you enter if they accompany letters. If you enter numbers it will check a database for other examples of words and calculations that match that number. Our database is always growing and you can help us do that by telling us about any interesting calculations you discover in whatever text you’re working with.

The Book Search function will allow you to bring up interlinear verses from the Tanakh, NT and the Book of the Law. However we do not vouch for the accuracy of the source file for the Tanakh and all serious researchers should consult a professional study bible such as Biblehub.com. 

The book search function shows each verse parsed in its original language and writing script. It will also read the verse aloud in its original language.