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Biblical Gematria: 81
Words and Calculations with the same Gematria value ...
WordTranslation & MeaningTransliterationStrong's Number
אחסביMeaning: Achasbai, an Israelite. Usage: Ahasbai.AChSBI308
אילםMeaning: a pillar-space (or colonnade), i. e. a pale (or portico). Usage: arch.AILM361
אילםMeaning: Elim, a place in the Desert. Usage: Elim.AILM362
אמםMeaning: Amam, a place in Palestine. Usage: Amam.AMM538
אנכיMeaning: I. Usage: I, me, × which.ANKI595
אףMeaning: accession (used as an adverb or conjunction); also or yea; adversatively though. Usage: also, + although, and (furthermore, yet), but, even, + how much less (more, rather than), moreover, with, yea.AP637
אףMeaning: Usage: also.AP638
אףMeaning: properly, the nose or nostril; hence, the face, and occasionally a person; also (from the rapid breathing in passion) ire. Usage: anger(-gry), before, countenance, face, forebearing, forehead, (long-) suffering, nose, nostril, snout, × worthy, wrath.AP639
אשכנזMeaning: Ashkenaz, a Japhethite, also his descendants. Usage: Ashkenaz.AShKNZ813
אתמולMeaning: heretofore; definitely yesterday. Usage: before (that) time, heretofore, of late (old), times past, yester(day).AThMVL865
בעטMeaning: to trample down, i. e. (figuratively) despise. Usage: kick.BOT1163
בעתהMeaning: fear. Usage: trouble.BOThH1205
בת־שבעMeaning: Bath-Sheba, the mother of Solomon. Usage: Bath-sheba.BThShBO1339
הוללותMeaning: folly. Usage: madness.HVLLVTh1948
חזיוןMeaning: Chezjon, a Syrian. Usage: Hezion.ChZIVN2383
חזיוןMeaning: a revelation, expectation by dream. Usage: vision.ChZIVN2384
חלחלהMeaning: writhing (in childbirth); by implication, terror. Usage: (great, much) pain.ChLChLH2479
חשמלMeaning: probably bronze or polished spectrum metal. Usage: amber.ChShML2830
טבעMeaning: to sink. Usage: drown, fasten, settle, sink.TBO2883
ימלאMeaning: Jimla or Jimlah, an Israelite. Usage: Imla, Imlah.IMLA3229
כסאMeaning: properly, fulness or the full moon, i. e. its festival. Usage: (time) appointed.KSA3677
כסאMeaning: properly, covered, i. e. a throne (as canopied). Usage: seat, stool, throne.KSA3678
ליליאMeaning: Usage: night.LILIA3916
מבדלהMeaning: a separation, i. e. (concretely) a separate place. Usage: separate.MBDLH3995
מולהMeaning: circumcision. Usage: circumcision.MVLH4139
מיכהוMeaning: Mikehu, an Israelite prophet. Usage: Micaiah (2 Chronicles 18:8).MIKHV4319
מלבושMeaning: a garment, or (collectively) clothing. Usage: apparel, raiment, vestment.MLBVSh4403
עבדהMeaning: work of any kind. Usage: act, bondage, bondservant, effect, labour, ministering(-try), office, service(-ile, -itude), tillage, use, work, × wrought.OBDH5656
עבדהMeaning: something wrought, i. e. (concretely) service. Usage: household, store of servants.OBDH5657
עבטMeaning: to pawn; causatively, to lend (on security); figuratively, to entangle. Usage: borrow, break (ranks), fetch (a pledge), lend, × surely.OBT5670
עוגבMeaning: a reed-instrument of music. Usage: organ.OVGB5748
עוהMeaning: to crook, literally or figuratively. Usage: do amiss, bow down, make crooked, commit iniquity, pervert, (do) perverse(-ly), trouble, × turn, do wickedly, do wrong.OVH5753
עוהMeaning: overthrow. Usage: × overturn.OVH5754
עוהMeaning: Ivvah or Avva, a region of Assyria. Usage: Ava, Ivah.OVH5755
שבועMeaning: literally, sevened, i. e. a week (specifically, of years). Usage: seven, week.ShBVO7620
שחיסMeaning: after-growth. Usage: (that) which springeth of the same.ShChIS7823


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