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Biblical Gematria: 58
Words and Calculations with the same Gematria value ...
WordTranslation & MeaningTransliterationStrong's Number
אביהילMeaning: Abihail or Abichail, the name of three Israelites and two Israelitesses. Usage: Abihail.ABIHIL32
אבנהMeaning: Abanah, a river near Damascus. Usage: Abana.ABNH71
אזןMeaning: to broaden out the ear (with the hand), i. e. (by implication) to listen. Usage: give (perceive by the) ear, hear(-ken). AZN238
אזןMeaning: to weigh, i. e. (figuratively) ponder. Usage: give good heed.AZN239
אזןMeaning: a spade or paddle (as having a broad end). Usage: weapon.AZN240
אזןMeaning: broadness. i. e. (concrete) the ear (from its form in man). Usage: advertise, audience, displease, ear, hearing, show.AZN241
גנהMeaning: a garden. Usage: garden.GNH1593
גנהMeaning: Usage: garden.GNH1594
דדןMeaning: Dedan, the name of two Cushites and of their territory. Usage: Dedan.DDN1719
דתןMeaning: Dathan, an Israelite. Usage: Dathan.DThN1885
דתןMeaning: Dothan, a place in Palestine. Usage: Dothan. hDThN1886
חותםMeaning: a signature-ring. Usage: seal, signet.ChVThM2368
חותםMeaning: Chotham, the name of two Israelites. Usage: Hotham, Hothan.ChVThM2369
חמותMeaning: a mother-in-law. Usage: mother in law.ChMVTh2545
חןMeaning: graciousness, i. e. subjective (kindness, favor) or objective (beauty). Usage: favour, grace(-ious), pleasant, precious, (well-) favoured.ChN2580
חןMeaning: Chen, a figurative name for an Israelite. Usage: Hen.ChN2581
יחילMeaning: expectant. Usage: should hope.IChIL3175
יחםMeaning: probably to be hot; figuratively, to conceive. Usage: get heat, be hot, conceive, be warm.IChM3179
כבולMeaning: Cabul, the name of two places in Palestine. Usage: Cabul.KBVL3521
כחלMeaning: to paint (with stibium). Usage: paint.KChL3583
כלבוMeaning: a Calebite or descendant of Caleb. Usage: of the house of Caleb.KLBV3614
כלובMeaning: a bird-trap (as furnished with a clap-stick or treadle to spring it); hence, a basket (as resembling a wicker cage). Usage: basket, cage.KLVB3619
כלובMeaning: Kelub, the name of two Israelites. Usage: Chelub.KLVB3620
כלחMeaning: maturity. Usage: full (old) age.KLCh3624
כלחMeaning: Kelach, a place in Assyria. Usage: Calah.KLCh3625
לוחיתMeaning: Luchith, a place East of the Jordan. Usage: Luhith.LVChITh3872
לחךMeaning: to lick. Usage: lick (up).LChK3897
לשכהMeaning: a room in a building (whether for storage, eating, or lodging). Usage: chamber, parlour. LShKH3957
מגבישMeaning: Magbish, an Israelite, or a place in Palestine. Usage: Magbish.MGBISh4019
מדוחMeaning: seduction. Usage: cause of banishment.MDVCh4065
מחיMeaning: a stroke, i. e. battering-ram. Usage: engines.MChI4239
מחשבהMeaning: a contrivance, i. e. (concretely) a texture, machine, or (abstractly) intention, plan (whether bad, a plot; or good, advice). Usage: cunning (work), curious work, device(-sed), imagination, invented, means, purpose, thought.MChShBH4284
מידדMeaning: Medad, an Israelite. Usage: Medad.MIDD4312
משוטMeaning: an oar. Usage: oar.MShVT4880
נבוMeaning: Nebo, the name of a Babylonian deity, also of a mountain in Moab, and of a place in Palestine. Usage: Nebo.NBV5015
נגהMeaning: to glitter; causatively, to illuminate. Usage: (en-) lighten, (cause to) shine.NGH5050
נגהMeaning: brilliancy (literally or figuratively). Usage: bright(-ness), light, (clear) shining.NGH5051
נגהMeaning: Nogah, a son of David. Usage: Nogah.NGH5052
נגהMeaning: dawn. Usage: morning.NGH5053
נדדMeaning: properly, to wave to and fro (rarely to flap up and down); figuratively, to rove, flee, or (causatively) to drive away. Usage: chase (away), × could not, depart, flee (× apace, away), (re-) move, thrust away, wander (abroad, -er, -ing).NDD5074
נדדMeaning: to depart. Usage: go from.NDD5075
נדדMeaning: properly, tossed; abstractly, a rolling (on the bed). Usage: tossing to and fro.NDD5076
נהגMeaning: to drive forth (a person, an animal or chariot), i. e. lead, carry away; reflexively, to proceed (i. e. impel or guide oneself); also (from the panting induced by effort), to sigh. Usage: acquaint, bring (away), carry away, drive (away), lead (away, forth), (be) guide, lead (away, forth).NHG5090
נובMeaning: to germinate, i. e. (figuratively) to (causatively, make) flourish; also (of words), to utter. Usage: bring forth (fruit), make cheerful, increase.NVB5107
נובMeaning: produce, literally or figuratively. Usage: fruit.NVB5108
נחMeaning: Noach, the patriarch of the flood. Usage: Noah.NCh5146
נשאתMeaning: something taken, i. e. a present. Usage: gift.NShATh5379
נשהMeaning: to forget; figuratively, to neglect; causatively, to remit, remove. Usage: forget, deprive, exact.NShH5382
נשהMeaning: to lend or (by reciprocity) borrow on security or interest. Usage: creditor, exact, extortioner, lend, usurer, lend on (taker on) usury.NShH5383
נשהMeaning: rheumatic or crippled (from the incident to Jacob). Usage: which shrank.NShH5384
שמהותMeaning: Shamhuth, an Israelite. Usage: Shamhuth.ShMHVTh8049
שנהMeaning: to fold, i. e. duplicate (literally or figuratively); by implication, to transmute (transitive or intransitive). Usage: do (speak, strike) again, alter, double, (be given to) change, disguise, (be) diverse, pervert, prefer, repeat, return, do the second time.ShNH8138
שנהMeaning: Usage: sleep.ShNH8139
שנהMeaning: Usage: year.ShNH8140
שנהMeaning: a year (as a revolution of time). Usage: whole age, × long, old, year(× -ly).ShNH8141
שנהMeaning: sleep. Usage: sleep.ShNH8142
תכלתMeaning: the cerulean mussel, i. e. the color (violet) obtained therefrom or stuff dyed therewith. Usage: blue.ThKLTh8504
תליתיMeaning: third. Usage: third.ThLIThI8523
תמידMeaning: properly, continuance (as indefinite extension); but used only (attributively as adjective) constant (or adverbially, constantly); elliptically the regular (daily) sacrifice. Usage: alway(-s), continual (employment, -ly), daily, (n-)ever(-more), perpetual.ThMID8548


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